The X Factor

The X Factor
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  • You’ve Got The X-FACTOR when you Lay the Draw.

Now here is a different way to Lay. Most people mark an X next to the sport where they want to pick a Draw on either the Fixed Odds or The Football Pools Coupons.

And most people lose. Do you know just how hard it is to pick draws to Win, even just a small number of them. Well why not turn that into your advantage & Lay them instead.

Logical, Simple & Profitable, for those who know the game inside out.

When most people think about laying a football team, they think of laying one team not to win against the other, but often they pick the team that loses anyway and sometimes when the selection they don’t want to win, actually wins, the liability can often be quiet high wiping out all those steady profits made over a longer period.

The bookies really do know their stuff and most value to be had, especially in the big leagues simply does not exist anymore on the teams to back or lay. Well when you lay the draw in most cases the liabilities are relatively low. The majority of the matches are not draws, hence why it is so difficult to get anything out of the football pools, so there is plenty of value left to be had when laying the draw, instead of laying the home or away team not to win.

The hardest thing in the world is to pick draws for profits, so logically laying the draw for profits has to be a real winner and so it’s proved out over time that it is. The real value to football laying, is laying the draw. Even sometimes the opposite team wins to the one you expect to win but you still end up a winner because you have laid the draw.

Instead of putting g an X next to the draw for a Win, where invariably you end up on the losing side most of the time, why not join The X-Factor and Lay the Draw instead.

Be A Winner by Laying The Draw with The X Factor.

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