Home & Away Lays

Home & Away Lays
  • Football lay Tips both Home & Away’s for Steady Reliable Profits
  • Average £3,000.00+ Per month Profits
  • Low Liabilities, Long winning runs, short losing runs.
  • For Regular Pay Days, you need Home & Away Lays.

Here we have a great service that Lays Football Teams, both Home and Away selections. Going for both Home & Away teams and looking for those that give us value, hence low liabilities, our experts are able to bring you regular steady profits month in, month out from laying Football Matches. Lay betting is probably one of the few long term sure fire ways that you can make regular and consistent profits month after month. Nothing spectacular, not get rich quick fixes, but you will make regular decent profits of around £3,000.00 + per month with low liabilities that can increase once you increase your stakes from your winnings.

If it is a superb regular monthly income you are looking for then Home & Away Lays is a must for you.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but with consistent and regular profits with low liabilities, you can increase your betting bank from your winnings and earn a superb income and even join that rare breed of professional gambler if that is what you aspire to. Our experts simply select Football Teams who they regard simply won’t win, whether they are playing at home or away, and most days are pay days for our members.

For Regular Pay Days, you need Home & Away Lays.

Just £49 per month. Save £192 a year with a quarterly subscription at £99 or a massive £309 a year for £279!