Dopey Donkeys

Dopey Donkeys
  • We Pick the Losers to Make You A Winner
  • £3,000.00+ Per MONTH from Laying the Donkeys
  • For Big Profits & Low Liabilities –
  • You Need Dopey Donkeys

Welcome to Dopey Donkeys, the service that makes sure you are laying the donkeys, ie: the horses that have very little chance of winning a race. We concentrate on the favourites, second or third favourites depending on the liabilities, always ensuring that these are kept low, so when the odd horse does win it does not do untold damage to your profits.

There’s nothing worse than after having a great long winning streak where every bet keeps making you a profit, then along comes that surprise horse that wins as an outsider sometimes virtually wiping out all those hard-earned profits over recent days.

With Dopey Donkeys you get both low liabilities and high strike rates, which are both equal in ensuring long term regular profits and success from horse racing lay tips.

Our experts spend all their time studying the horses and use their contacts to find those horses who are effectively ‘false favourites’. There are plenty out there but you need our team of experts with their contacts to pin point them out, so when we are on them we know they do not have much chance of winning for often many reasons (which we obviously can not disclose), but most people will be blindly following those favourites in the market, when we know they should not be the favourite at all.

Of course the odd accident happens from time to time and the odd winner creeps in now and then, but you can live with that because the liabilities are never that high and the winners are few and far between.

To make regular profits and get the most from Laying Horse’s you need to keep finding the Donkeys

That’s where Dopey Donkeys come in.

Just £49 per month. Save £192 a year with a quarterly subscription at £99 or a massive £309 a year for £279!