Low Priced Lays

Low Priced Lays
  • Lay Horses to Low Prices
  • £3,000.00 to £4,000.00+ Profit per Month.
  • Increase your Bank from Winnings
  • Low Priced Lays is the correct way to Lay.

Laying a horse to lose seems easy. After all we know how difficult picking a winner is.

So choosing one horse to lose- with all the other horses in the race running for you- shouldn’t be too hard?

Of course, picking a horse you think won’t win a particular race is only part of it. The other bit is, liability. How much would you lose if the horse actually wins?

Picking 33\1 shots seem to be a safe option BUT

  1. You need to have enough money in your betting account to cover in case it does win and,
  2. Sometimes 33\1 shots do win!

Remember just one 33\1 winner wipes out 33 successful lays, not a great idea!

So the price is all important.

The odds have to be short enough that a losing lay bet doesn’t put too much of a dent in your betting bank.

That takes skill, knowledge, experience.

That is what you will get with this service,

Our experts have been successfully laying horses for some time now- and with great success- and the good news now is that they are willing to share this information to a small group of like-minded punters who want to earn a good living from betting and in particular laying horses.

We also show all of our results to Betfair SP and with the 5% commission deducted, so you can see the actually net earnings by following Low Priced Lays. If you are looking for a service that aims to provide regular profits, combined with long winning runs and short losing runs with low Prices/ low risk/low liabilities- good news YOU’VE FOUND IT!!

Join LOW PRICED LAYS Today and take the risks out of Lays, to make your lay betting really pay.

Just £49 per month. Save £192 a year with a quarterly subscription at £99 or a massive £309 a year for £279!