Mixed Doubles & Trebles

Mixed Doubles & Trebles
  • Average £5,000.00+ per month Profits.
  • Combine Different Football Markets to maximise Value & Profits
  • Win, BTTS, Over/Under, Corners & More.
  • Make Mine A Large One- A Double or Treble
  • Superb Value & Big Profits in Doubles & Trebles Betting

There are many great bets out there and many you can look at and say to yourself with an almost certain belief that this bet is stone cold certainty. Now we all know there is no such thing as a dead cert, but we also know that the bookies are not stupid, and they price up their bets according to their realistic chances in their opinion of them coming in & of course they make sure they tighten up on the odds to increase their own profit margins.

It’s also fair to say that in the main the bookies odds are pretty accurate. if they say it has a 1\5 chance of coming in then it probably has and most of the time it will oblige. Likewise, a 20\1 shot is also an accurate assessment of the chances of a selection coming in and in most cases it doesn’t.

So, let’s get a bit clever here. The bookies are doing most of the work for us, most of the certainties will come in and most of the rank outsiders will lose. The problem is most of us don’t have a fortune to spend on betting on individual very low priced matches as we would have to lump on large sums of money in order to make a small profit, and of course if we are unlucky and get a couple of losers near the start then it takes a lot of courage and nerve to keep lumping on large sums to gradually claw back slowly initial losses and we would probably get bored and soon give up, down and disheartened.

But how about we put together just two or three of these dead cert’s. Did you realise that three 1\5’s are an 8\11 shot and even three 1\3’s come to an amazing 11\8. How about three 4\5’s, that comes to nearly 5\1. Now all the odds won’t be the same, were just using them for easy illustration here, but you get the gist.

We are only talking about 2 or 3 selections here, not lumping huge accumulators together that have very little or no chance of coming in, what about that old famous phrase that one always lets you down. That’s a real mugs game, but just two selections, or perhaps three, now that’s a different story and this is where the real value and real profits come in.

An old saying comes to mind here, if you can’t beat them join them, well were not on about joining the bookies simply using their knowledge and odds to our advantage and using their hard work to help us achieve the value and profitable bets for long term success. We can beat them at their own game simply just by being a little smarter than they are.

Just remember many of the sure bets do come in, and this is where the mixed doubles and trebles tipsters come in. We select the selections with a superb chance of winning from the many profitable football markets (Win Bets, Both Teams to Score, Overs & Unders, Corners, Double Chance & more), and combine them to produce real value odds, with regular, consistent & big monthly profits.

Mixed Doubles and Trebles is the way forward for long term profits and success.

Make Mine A Large One – Mixed Doubles & Trebles

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