The Lay Men

The Lay Men
  • Earn £4,000.00+ A Month From Lay Betting.
  • To Make Great Profits From Lay Betting, you need THE LAY MEN.

When most people think of Lay betting they usually think of laying a horse, but there are also great opportunities to make superb profits from laying Football teams too, so we got together several experts in their own fields of Lay betting both for Horse Racing & Football and combined they can produce great monthly profits for their members.

We call them THE LAY MEN

In football each team from any match will either, Win, draw or lose and this presents our experts with a great opportunity to select simply the teams they have done their homework on that simply do not have a chance to win, you get the draw on your side. This gives us a massive edge on Football and laying football teams is definitely the way to go to make consistent profits from football betting. Our experts on Football can provide you with enough accurate lay football tips to make a good living from the football bets alone, but now we also have our horse racing lay guys.

Horse racing forms an integral part of any lay service, where you have the luxury of selecting a horse to come anywhere in the field except to come first. Whilst this may seem a relatively easy thing to do, the key here is selecting the horses that have both not a great chance of winning, but also have low liabilities, so this usually means they select a favourite or second favourite to lose. Our Horse Racing lay guys are the best in the business and profits from the horse racing lays alone will see you make a fantastic living.

We also don’t lay any high prices and concentrate on low liabilities where the value is. Don’t forget the odds are on your side to start with. In the case of Football, you already have statistically a 66.6% chance of getting a winning lay bet before any skill is used in making the selection. In Racing it’s a lot higher with regards to the sheer numbers of horses in many races, but realistically it is shorter than the fields would suggest.

The Lay Men, eat sleep and breathe LAY betting. To them it’s the only form of betting that has a realistic chance of making you consistent regular profits, month in month out, year in year out. LAY betting is the future, and if you want to make money almost every month and ensure that long winning runs and short losing runs are the norm, then you need The Lay Men.

The Lay Men combine a high strike rate with low liabilities by concentrating on lay betting in all its forms, through the two major sporting events in horse racing and football and they painstakingly go over endless studies and leave no stone unturned on a daily basis to ensure that the lay bets are Successful ones, using their contacts on the ground as well as their great knowledge in these two main sports fields.

So if you want to make fantastic, and regular monthly profits from betting, then make sure you choose Lay betting, and make sure you chose


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