Jackpot Junkie

Jackpot Junkie
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  • Amazing Odds on Match Result & Both Teams To Score.
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What a cracking bet this is, and you don’t need many correct selections to hit the Jackpot, which we have done several times. This is why we call it Jackpot Junkie.

Its an amazing bet, producing amazing odds, both on singles betting and multiples and with each part of the bet you just need two things to go in your favour. The first is that your selection will win, just the same as you would pick one team to beat another team on the standard coupon.

But here is where it gets really interesting. The second part of the bet is betting that both teams will score. Again this is a bet within itself, a very popular bet is the Will Both Teams Score Bet.

This bet simply contains those two components within the one bet, known as ‘Match Result & Both Teams To Score’. With each selection you are going for a team to win but also that both teams will get at least one goal each in the game. Obviously this is a little harder than just picking a team to win or selecting a match where you think both teams will score, but only a little harder and the odds rewards are outstanding.

Plus our selection process and betting format allows us to maximise the potential of this bet, to take full advantage in maximising singles wins with jackpot wins for several selections.

You don’t need many selections to come in to hit the big time, but at the same time we also make big profits from betting on individual games, because the generous odds allow us to do both.

In this way we are taking full advantage with the potential of this bet, whilst minimising the risks, in other words we are getting the best of both worlds.

By Backing singles at great odds we earn a fantastic living from this alone, and singles betting is always a great way to bet, just normally there is not much value in that type of betting. However with the two parts in one bet such as we have here, there is superb value in singles and these make up the bulk of our bets.

Then we have the Icing On The Cake, Trebles & Accumulators. Of course these are much harder to win, so we only stake a small amount on these, so it does not detract from the big profits we make from the singles bets. We typically put just 25% of our singles stake on an accumulator bet, which means we only lose a small amount each time they don’t come in, but we win big (Jackpot Style) each time they do.

This is why we call our service Jackpot junkie.

We really think this time we have found the holy grail.

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