The Singles Specialists

The Singles Specialists
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  • One Team Is All You Need

Welcome to the Singles Specialists. Here, we concentrate on the real value selections and then place individual singles bets on them in order to build up a substantial monthly income each month. One team to bet on is all you need, why risk more?

Gone are the days of Banker Bets, where you could almost put your house on a selection to win, although we would never advise that.

The modern game has evolved into a more exciting and entertaining spectacle with lots more uncertainty than in the old days.

In days gone by you could almost look at a football coupon and tick off a list of banker bets that invariably often, (though not always), came in. Not so these days.

Many things have changed, take the pass back rule for example, where in the past you were allowed to pass the ball back to the keeper, meaning with 5 minutes to go you could often kill off a game. Then the rules changed some time ago to make the game more exciting (which also made it less predictable), and a new rule was enforced so you could no longer pass back to the keeper with your feet, the end result of which is lots of uncertainty in the closing stages of a game. In the modern game there are many goals in the last few minutes and injury time has increased too. Then there is team selections with larger squads, again this makes predicting scores less easy as you often knew what the teams were before they were sent out, now with squad rotation and the sad demise of the importance of domestic cups, culminating in weaker squads, once again we have less predictability.  Then theirs VAR, don’t even get me started on that one. These are just a few examples of many criteria that means the day of the banker bets has long since gone.

In fact before the internet you used to have to back 5 home selections or 3 away elections as a minimum requirement by the bookies for any bet, but you could almost pencil in several bankers that would duly oblige on a regular basis, so multiple betting was less hazardous than it is these days, so why take the risk?

The Professional and long term profitable approach to football back betting is to eliminate as much risk as possible to your bet before the game has started, so one selection is all you need, if it’s the right selection.

Odds and value are crucial here too, obviously we would not be tipping any 1\10 shots, there is simply no value in that and even 1\10’s do not always oblige these days.

The Professional approach is to select single bets that offer real value for long term profits, this is the only way to make it in backing football teams to win these days, and with The Singles Specialists you have a Winning Team on your side.

Forget all the fancy bets, all the multiples, all the pie in the sky stuff that promises riches for no risk, life doesn’t work like that.

If you want professional singles football bets that can give you great profits and a long-term income of around £3,000+ per month which can then be steadily increased from your winnings, then The Singles Specialists are for you.

Join The Singles Specialists Today and bet the Professional Way.

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