BTTS Doubles

BTTS Doubles
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  • A Great New Concept in Doubles Betting

Welcome to a new concept in Doubles Betting, Both to Score Doubles, or BTTS Doubles as we call it. Instead of the traditional doubles bets where we need two teams to win outright, we have applied this successful principle to the both teams to score market, which in itself is easier to pick winning tips than straight forward back to win bets. For starters you have the odds on your side.

When you pick a team to win, it can either win, draw or lose, so there are three possible outcomes. With Both Teams to Score, there are only two possible outcomes, either they both score or they don’t. So already you have a statistical advantage before you begin to do the hard work in sorting out the selections. Before we start the pain staking process of picking the bets, analysing the data, studying the markets and coming to your conclusions, with both teams to score its already a heads or tails option before we start, in other words a 50% chance of picking a winner, even out of a hat (Which incidentally is not the way we do it at BTTS Doubles).

When it comes to picking straightforward back to win bets, we only have a 33% chance of randomly picking a winner, as the team can also lose or draw. It’s that dreaded draw factor that tips the balance out of favour once again.

The Both to Score market has and always will be a great market for making profits and whilst the heady days of high prices and false odds against the bookies may not still be there for singles bets, double them up and hey presto, you have a fantastic bet.

You have all the advantages of large odds with great value, and only a very minimal risk in that one extra selection. The enhanced odds from Both To Score Bets far outweigh the small disadvantage by having to pick two teams instead of one.

If our selectors picked a dozen both to score games in a day it is likely they would have at least 9 or 10 winners, so even randomly pairing up the matches as doubles bets you would make far more profits than backing them all as singles.

This really is a bit special, and typical odds for both to score doubles can be 2\1, 3\1 4\1 or even 5\1 sometimes and anything around this and in between.

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