Quick Draw

Quick Draw
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Quick Draw offers you the chance to make quick money, regular weekly profits, that you can quickly withdraw and spend as you please, whilst maintaining a healthy betting bank, due to its superb strike rate, long win runs and short losing runs, coupled with low liabilities.

Quick Draw gives you the chance to make weekly cash earnings from a great new concept in lay betting, by LAYING THE DRAW.

This little known, little used, and largely untapped market can enable you to take some of the financial stresses out of your life and get those weekly and monthly bills off your back and leave you with a handsome earner on top. All stress free without hardly any risk to your betting bank, due to its superb strike rates and very low losing runs.

Quick Draw simply lays the football selections that the experts feel will not be a draw. With their expertise and experience the Quick Draw selectors are able to maintain a superb strike rate whilst keeping liabilities very low, typical odds for a draw are around the 9\4, 5\2 range and with the generally low percentage of draws actually taking place on the football coupons, Quick Draw already have that mathematical edge before they even start their selection process. Think how hard it is to win anything on the football pools, when you are trying to pick draws. How many people do you know who try to back draws on the fixed odds coupon, probably none or very few and that’s because it is so hard to do, so it makes logical sense to Quick draw and to us to lay them.

It used to be known as the dreaded draw! How often has a draw or two got in the way of your winning accumulator? With Quick draw you get the Draw on your side.

For Quick Profits you need Quick Draw.

Just £49 per month. Save £192 a year with a quarterly subscription at £99 or a massive £309 a year for £279!