Favourite Lays

Favourite Lays
  • Earn £3,000.00+ Per Month
  • LAYING The Favourites & Short Priced Horses
  • Low Liabilities, All Lays below 3\1.
  • Favourite Lays Is The Way To Lay.

Laying the favourites or short priced horses is the only way to make long term sustained profits from laying horses. How many times have you had a great long winning streak wiped out in almost one hit, when that odd elusive big prices comes in first and undoes all the hard work and profits made in one fowl swoop.

Worse still, if two or three of these larger prices come in, it can erode your bank in a very short time and all your winnings and more can be evaporated in no length of time at all.

Not with Favourite lays. We don’t believe in Laying any horse above 3\1 (4.0). There simply is no point, no value in laying higher priced horses whatsoever. Anyone can have a go at picking, 5\1, 8\1, 10\1 losers and most of the time they do oblige, but it’s when the odd occasion they cross the finish line as a winner that it really hurts. Both your bank balance and your confidence in continuing with lay betting at all can take a huge blow.

The only way to make good regular profits from laying horses is to lay at low prices. Again back to that old adage – Value.

There is simply no value in laying an 8\1 shot and way too much risk, the risk reward element simply is not there.

At Favourite Lays we prefer to use our knowledge and skill to study and select those horses that whilst the market says they should win, in reality they don’t have much chance at all (ie: The False Favourites). Our team have the knowledge and expertise to do this and now you can profit from this by simply joining us and following our advices.

Nothing fancy staking plans, no gimmicks, nothing dressed up here, just good quality lay advices with low liabilities meaning your betting bank is secure and wont suddenly disappear overnight, and regular profits are almost guaranteed.

Favourite Lays Is The Way To Lay, Join Us Today.

Just £49 per month. Save £192 a year with a quarterly subscription at £99 or a massive £309 a year for £279!