£1,000.00 Per Week Profits from Racing

Straight Forward WIN ONLY Tips.

No Each/Way, Place, Lay or Anything Else.

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Welcome to First Past The Post. The straight forward old fashioned, backing to win horse racing tipping service. With the abundance of numerous markets both in Horse Racing and Sports Betting and indeed anything else, it's refreshing to have a horse racing service that is a no nonsense, straight forward back to win service.

If your horse is first past the post you have a winning bet, no diluted profits with each/way or place betting, and no massive losses as you often get associated with lay Betting.

Our team of experts simply use the knowledge, contacts and experience in arriving at the best Value horse racing tips of the day to come first, whether it be odds on (Although we do not have many of these), or a high price, if we think it can win - it's in.

Forget each way and place betting, all value is gone here with the bookies creaming it in, just so we can have a safeguard of winning a little, or not even that sometimes, just often not losing all your stake when your horse does not win.

You need to have the courage of your convictions, if you are picking a horse to win then you should be backing it to win, not losing a chunk of your profit every time it does win, which is all each way or place betting really acheives.

Why have the disappointment when a horse you have backed romps home first past the post again, only to think if only I had put all my stake on it to win how much better off you would be. Of course when it doesn't quiet win and just gets beat into second or third place then backing the horse as an each way or place bet seemed like a sensible option, but you get so little in return for and e/way or place bet, that if you are getting a decent proportion of winners it can only hurt your profits in the long term.

You just have to have the bottle to have your money all on the nose as it were, and as our team of experts are spending all the time selecting these winning tips, using their vast knowledge, contacts and experience, it makes sense to back them to win and pick up maximum profits every time your horse comes first past the post.

For no nonsense back to win horse racing tips, that can earn you anything from £1,000 per week upwards, join First Past The Post Today and you will be onto a WINNER too.

We hope to welcome you on board soon.