The Perm Guys

The Perm Guys
  • Big Wins for Small Stakes, £5,000.00+ PROFITS Per MONTH.
  • A Great Perm & A Great Team = A Winning Formula.

Welcome to The perm Guys. Our team of experts go painstakingly through the days football programme and come up with the final ‘4 selections’ and put them into a superb 2 from 4, 3 from 4 and all 4 Accumulator perm.

This perm has stood the test of time and in the old days before singles and doubles betting when you had to bet on minimum trebles for away selections and five time accumulators for home wins, this perm has been successfully used in the past to take bookies to the cleaners as a 3 from 4 and all 4 accumulator ‘away teams’ only perm, in the days where there were not an abundance of markets to choose from and you literally just had to pick a minimum of 3 away wins or 5 home team wins. A Minimum, and very few other markets to bet on. How did anyone make any money from betting in these bad old days.

Of course, in the modern day we are not frustrated by the same restrictions on the selection process imposed on us by the bookies in the past, so The Perm Guys have got together again to bring success and big profits to both themselves and their members, and now you can be part of this great success story too.

Both through the domestic season and the summer seasons, The Perm Guys work tirelessly to produce big profits for both themselves and their members and now you have the chance to join them and make huge profits for yourself too.

By looking for Value, by ditching dogma, and looking at all possible selections with knowledge, experience and flair, (weather it be from the win, goals or any other market), The Perm Guys are ‘Simply The Best’.

And now you are fortunate enough to be able to join them and profit from their selections too. You can’t beat Experience & knowledge and The Perm Guys have that in abundance, together with the ultimate perm, this is your chance to get on the gravy train and make a fortune from The Perm Guys Selections.

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‘The Perm Guys’.

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