Earn between £2,000 & £4,000 per Month LAYING Horses not to be placed.

Very low Liabilities, time & again.

Build large Profits from a small bank base with minimal risk.

If it only has an Outside Chance, You have Regular Profits.

Why take a gamble on long shots! Why risk your hard earned money on a horse that only has an outside chance of winning or being placed!

Instead turn these horses that have very little chance of even making the frame and getting placed, into regular profits time and again.

And do this with minimal risk and without breaking the bank. Indeed you only need a relatively small bank to start with and then build from the profits you make.

It's not complicated, it's not rocket science, it's easy, logical and wins time & time again, making you regular profits from lay betting with minimal risk.

Unlike laying a horse not to win, where liabilities can be very high, with hard earned profits being almost wiped out in one foul swoop, (on the odd occasion where the horse does make it over the line first), laying a horse not to be placed (ie not to be in the top 3 or 4 depending on the number of runners etc), reduces the risk dramatically and enables you to lay horses at very low liabilities.

Our team also use their contacts and hard work to arrive at the real no hopers, those horses that really do only have an outside chance of even making the frame, which is why time and again you make profits hand over fist from their selections. Together with the fact that by laying a horse not be placed, rather than simply not to win, means that the liability on each horse you lay is dramatically reduced. This gives you the opportunity to make fantastic profits from lay betting starting with a considerable smaller betting bank than you would need to lay horses the traditional way. You can then build your bank by increasing your stakes gradually from the profits you make. Ideal. If it's only got an outside chance, then you are in the money, every time.

Join an Outside chance today, to make your lay betting really pay.